The House Of The Dead III

XBox,,5/10July 2003

You have to get a piece of the arcade game action now that it’s possible on a console, I mean it’s a way of saving money isn’t it? This was the first game on the XBox to come packaged with a light-gun (a MadCatz Blaster) which is the only way to play it.

I thought House of the Dead 2 was better but it’s ok because when you complete the game it unlocks a XBox version of House of the Dead 2.
Killing Zombies is a good way to de-stress after a day at the office. The HOTD series is notorious for having the worst voice acting ever, however HOTD III was actually disappointing; they improved the voice acting to the point that I’m not laughing anymore. This is a real loss in my opinion.
The big let down with this game is the light gun configeration screen which seems to routinely crash my XBox so that I laugh every time I reach for the reset button (Microsoft went through some perverted though process which must have gone: “our system will be so robust that we don’t need a reset button”).

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