Game Reviews


PC,RPG-Hack&Slash,10/10 – June 2002 Diablo I: This game was the first to introduce me to both character development and inventory management. Completing quests and killing enemies both increases experience and allows you plunder the spoils of your adventures to enable you to become more powerful and better equipped. But the game also manages to immerse […]

Dungeon Siege

PC,RPG,8/10 – June 2002 This game must have impacted my 4th year exams, it is one of those games that eats your time because it’s so playable. It’s fun to explore the rich fantasy world which is made gorgeous to look at by things such as large numbers of trees and ground-plants with convincing leaves, […]

Atomic Bomberman

PC,Puzzle-battle,8/10 – 1998 I played this with friends intensively for a short while. A number of players run around a board throwing bombs at each other and collecting power-ups. There’s nothing like the glee of winning after rushing around manically concentrating on not dieing, especially if you accidentally caught a virus and can’t stop dropping […]

007 GoldenEye

N64,FPS,10/10 – 1997 This game introduced me to the skills required in multi-player FPS’s: keep an eye on your body armour, known the levels inside out, follow everyone else’s positions carefully and make sure when you meet them you get a perfect head shot. The head-shot is the holy grail of skills to hone and […]

Mario Kart 64

N64,Combat Racing,10/10 – 1997 Mario Karts is legendary, it’s great fun and extremely competitive. At a beginners level the racing is fast and furious but the skills one has to fine tune to become an expert are substantial. It’s not just about learning the tracks and shortcuts, it’s about firing shells backwards, dragging weapons behind […]

Command and Conquer series

PC,Real-Time Strategy,9/10 Original:When this came along my life seemed complete. RTS was original back then. I loved the resource management, the building of an army and the marching all over the enemy in large numbers. Red Alert:Command and Conquer went high-res and now you could amass an even larger army on the screen. Serial linking […]

The Sims

PC,sim,5/10 I found myself thinking that this was an interesting game but even though it’s a leap in the sim genre it’s not yet ready for me. I reckon Sims 3 will be great. This is because all I really wanted to do was design my own house and I wasn’t given enough options. There […]


PC,Quest,9/10 You go around solving puzzles that are brilliantly funny and entertaining and more often than not – pretty tricky. A hugely fun game with a great change half way through.

The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time

N64,RPG,9/10 This is a game that infects your imagination, inserts a hook into your brain and starts to reel you in. You ended up whistling the Song Of Time to school. The first question I found myself asking my friends was “how far are you now?”. The game is an epic adventure with a huge […]

Mario 64

N64,Platform,9/10 At a time where it was still amazing when a 2D game transforms into 3D, this game pulled it off so unbelievably well. It was a magic feeling first playing it. I got the feeling I had arrived at console game heaven, the future had arrived. It’s a playworld of possibilities. Tonnes of stuff […]

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3

GBA,Sport- SkateBoarding,9/10 This was great on the handheld. Some goals require hours of practice and others could be busted in-between a tube stop. It’s great when you just clinch a goal in the last few seconds of the time barrier. I love it how you can’t imagine ever being able to get “that higher a […]

X-COM: UFO – Enemy Unknown

PC,Turn-based Strategy,9/10 What made X-COM 1 a classic is its mix of management and action. You had to shoot down alien ships, take your team to the crash sites to battle escaped aliens and all the while manage your bases. During the tactical combat missions you need to capture live aliens to study and interrogate […]

Duke Nukem 3D

PC,1st-Person shooter,9/10 I jumped from Doom to this and was blown away especially because it was my first introduction to FPS serial linked game play. The action was so fast, running, jumping and flying were all new to me. My favourite plan was piling up load of pipe bombs and then setting up a holoduke […]