Command and Conquer series

PC,Real-Time Strategy,9/10

Original:When this came along my life seemed complete. RTS was original back then. I loved the resource management, the building of an army and the marching all over the enemy in large numbers.
Red Alert:Command and Conquer went high-res and now you could amass an even larger army on the screen. Serial linking 2 computers and multi-playing RA allowed afternoon long battles, requiring huge amounts of concentration to make sure the enemy isn’t able to break though your defences.

I soon learnt that the feeling of being defeated after 5 hours was horribly depressing and that it’s often better to play co-operative with a friend against the computer. Unfortunately the computer was rather crap and once the ore ran out it’d just sit and do nothing. The firing range of a cruiser was stupidly unfair.

Tiberian Sun:From now RTS’s were well established and completely unoriginal, however if you like RTS’s you like RTS’s. The game is essentially the same as the other but with nicer graphics. The forces seem the best balanced out of the different versions.
Red Alert 2: The magic seems to have worn off but I’m not sure if it’s the games fault or whether my tastes are changing.

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