PC,RPG-Hack&Slash,10/10June 2002

Diablo I: This game was the first to introduce me to both character development and inventory management. Completing quests and killing enemies both increases experience and allows you plunder the spoils of your adventures to enable you to become more powerful and better equipped.

But the game also manages to immerse you into the diablo world where you delve deeper and deeper into the earth until you finally reach hell. Getting stocked up with potions and quickly flicking between spells to cope with the weaknesses of different enemies is what it’s all about. The game has a unique feeling, a kind of magic which makes you feel powerful and heroic. The true mark of a fine game.

Diablo II: The new version dramatically increased the amount of equipment available to a new set of characters with unique abilities. It was the first time I played with the idea of a skill tree and as a consequence I completed the game with each of the characters in turn to try out all the different tactics to win the game.

The levels are much more diverse than Diablo I and do well in building up to bosses. The story is still great with amazing cut scenes at the end of each episode that help bring back pretty much all of the first Diablos atmosphere.

Killer App Award! > A reason to own a PC

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