Dungeon Siege

PC,RPG,8/10June 2002

This game must have impacted my 4th year exams, it is one of those games that eats your time because it’s so playable. It’s fun to explore the rich fantasy world which is made gorgeous to look at by things such as large numbers of trees and ground-plants with convincing leaves, wild-life, varied level terrain, and weather effects such as rain and snow-flakes. I actually stopped at a bridge to admire the few, using the camera to zoom in and pan round.

The environment changes from lush green to snow, castles, mines and climaxes in lava chambers. Character development and inventory management is nice, especially the concept of having a mule in your party and that characters appearances change depending on each piece of equipment they are using. The game is very linear leading to a lack of motivation to follow the rather dull storyline, in particular the mechanized goblins don’t fit in. The best thing about the game is that it’s fluid and seamless so there’s never a dull moment.

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