Why I have a phobia of Frogs

Frogs are disgusting because their proportions are all wrong like something from a twisted nightmare. Their legs are fat and heavy but possess some horrible power that allow the creature to leap alarmingly quickly. They have evil bulbous eyes which sit watching everything and waiting so they can flick their disgusting tongue at a passing fly. They make a deep sickening crocking noise using weird bulging throats. They are slimy or warty and spread their filth over waterways with their polluting jelly like frog-spawn.

The worst thing about them is they are full of surprises. Some can leap and stick to any surface, some are poisonous, some rain from the sky, some are tiny, some are giant, some live in the dessert and some come in plagues. At least we are safe from them in the sea.

Did you know a group of frogs is called an army? An Army! Armys are warsome and threatening!

Did you know, frogs drink through their skin. Yuck! That’s disgusting. Their skin is literally not waterproof. It explains perfectly why they feel so horrible to touch.

pic of kermit the frog
My worst film ever in the entire world is magnolia. I was really in a film mood when I started watching it and I could see it building up to something big and when it happened I had to run out of the room (if you’ve seen it you’ll know why).

Don’t worry, I can deal with Kermit.

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