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JellyPhish Mood lamp – 25th December 2006 (Christmas present from Grandpa)

The Jellyphish is a tabletop lamp that can be “tuned” to any colour or can gradually scroll though the colour spectrum, blending seamlessly from one to the next. The technology in this lamp has only just hit the market so it’s the first time I’ve seen something like it. It must contain a million LEDs […]

Seriously out of place!

We set up our new TV in the bedroom which has been de-wallpapered and the sharp contrast between grim and beautiful is quite shocking: As you can see, we weren’t really ready to buy a TV! I’m pretty embarrassed that we didn’t finish the decorating before we bought the TV but Chloe’s Panasonic staff shop […]

26 inch LCD – 11th Dec 2006 (Panasonic staff shop, £395)

For Christmas Kix and I bought each other half a 26 inch Panasonic Viera LCD TV (TX-26LXD6A). It’s a stylish HD Ready TV with integrated freeview and speakers – perfect for the bedroom. We plugged it into our freshly installed upstairs coaxial socket and switched it on to find that it automatically tuned and ordered […]

Progress upstairs (Nov+Dec 2006)

We’ve been gutting upstairs, stripping all the wallpaper off the walls and removing the skirting boards and coving: We laid co-axial cable and shopped for some funky light fittings. We got in the electricians to install 7 new double sockets, an attic & cellar light, new bedroom lights and a new extractor fan & light […]

Eating out with a vegetarian

Vegetarians get a lot of stick. People like to try to make vegetarians justify their decision in a full and rational manner. It’s not really fair that this conversation comes up every time that they go out to diner. One reason for being vegetarian is because it’s a lot less wasteful in terms of natural […]

Kinder Egg Caveman

This is my favourite kinder egg surprise ever! Very philosophical! I keep him on my computer at work to help me think.

Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson)

Historical Thriller, 8/10 – November 2006 After reading Snow Crash, I was initially disappointed in this not being in the same genre. But I needn’t have worried – It managed to be an exciting thriller as well as a history book and a science book on computers and cryptography. I really enjoyed the math characters […]