Who shall I vote for? (4th/May/2006)

I’m not going to vote Tory because I’m detested by their smear-campaign. I’m not going to vote Lib dem because replacing council tax with a local income tax would totally screw me over. So I’m left with Labour or the Green party. I would vote for the Green party except they won’t win so I should probably support Labour to help them win. I want to show my support for the Iraq war, I’m impressed by the introduction of the minimum wage, I think tax’s are fair and I think changing around the government all the time just wastes effort and money.

The Scream painting I’m going to vote Labour. Besides, I like Tony Blair, I think he’s human because I’ve watched him get grey hair during the war. I’m also a sucker for a smile 🙂

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  1. deb

    no . no.no. dont not vote for gteenparty because there wont win any way, that s what i thought , it doesnt work that way, and there is a thought that green are going to surprisingly get in , bet dont addopt that attitude not to vote through not trust and do the right thing by your heart, greens will do more than people will ever know.

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