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My first program (6th/May/2006)

I first got bitten by the coding bug by writing a little game on a 486 laptop at school. Not real screenshot It was a much inferior copy of a helicopter bombing game where you passed lower and lower over some sky-scrapers which you had to flatten before you eventually hit them. It was written […]

Is the success in software a function of the IQ of your team? (5th/May/2006)

Microsoft has prided itself on having the smartest employees on the planet yet they aren’t usually the people that produce the best software. Microsoft copy promising software and muscle it out of the market by using their advantage of owning the operating system. The only reason IE won over Netscape was that IE came free […]

Who shall I vote for? (4th/May/2006)

I’m not going to vote Tory because I’m detested by their smear-campaign. I’m not going to vote Lib dem because replacing council tax with a local income tax would totally screw me over. So I’m left with Labour or the Green party. I would vote for the Green party except they won’t win so I […]

Stayed up late to time watch

I stayed up late because early in the morning on the 4th of May the time and date was “01:02:03 04/05/06”. It was too much of a unique and interesting date to miss. I used the opportunity to add anniversary reminders to my current software project (FothoFax). Fothofax screenshot Then I realised it’s not long […]

Angels and Demons (Dan Brown)

Thriller, 6/10 – April 2006 Anti-matter contained in magnetised jars, I mean – come off it! This book is so far-fetched that it becomes totally trashy (especially with the poor romantic sub plot). It has the same lead character as the Da Vinci code (Robert Langdon) and also has a Catholic theme but it’s lacking […]