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I caved-in and got a mobile (29th/Mar/2006)

I feel ashamed that I’ve succumbed to the dark side and got a mobile. No longer am I gloriously cut off from the world. Why did I finally get one? I needed one to arrange my wedding (there’s only so many phone calls one can make from a work phone without feeling guilty). I was […]

HP PhotoSmart 3210 Printer/Scanner/Copier – 11th Mar 2006 (Birthday present from kix, £200 )

This is my first printer and I’m glad I waited so long because it’s grown up enough to play nice with Linux (it was actually easier to get working with Linux than it was with Windows)! It’s a network printer so Kix and I can share it and we can put it where we have […]

The Last Battle (C.S.Lewis)

Fantasy, 6/10 – February 2006 This is the final book of the chronicles and it really needs to be read last because it gives away all the secrets and has a fantastic, chilling ending. I’ve known about the Christian sub-plot all along but it is confirmed in this book. It turns out that Aslan is […]