Virtual Light (William Gibson)

Cyberpunk, 7/10 – Feb 2005

I was quite disappointed that “the Matrix” didn’t come into this book (and might not be in this trilogy at all) but it’s still got some interesting tech ideas. The story revolves around some stolen Virtual Reality glasses called ‘Virtual Light’ which directly feed the optic nerve with EMP to create images (which is pretty much the same as jacking into the Matrix). With the VL glasses, Berry Rydell an ex-cop on the run, contacts a hacker group called “the republic of desire”.

It was quite interesting reading about a gritty homeless underworld which has inhabited a bridge but to me, the sexy bicycle messenger (Chevette Washington) didn’t quite fit in properly. I found it funny that the day was saved by a TV show called “cops in trouble” and a Christian sect that thinks television is the ultimate manifestation of God. The sect believe that God is hiding amongst varies movies and TV shows and the more you watch, the more the meaning of God becomes apparent. The sect lives in caravans and try to watch TV all day. The book also explores the massive problem of AIDs and makes a hero out of the man that was used to produce a vaccine.

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