Colin Mcrae Rally 4

XBox,Rally Driving,7/10January 2004

I’m into racing games like burnout and as a consequence I initially found Colin Mcrae impossibly slow and difficult due to it’s realism – It simulates the driving of a real rally car so well that you have to be an expert rally driver.

The reason I stuck at it was because codemasters were running a competition to win a 10000 pound Citroen Xsara car. Australia Stage 1 is now ingrained in my brain. I must have played the track 500 times to get my time of 258.333, sliding over the bridge in the Peugeot 205 using manual gearbox and the analog stick for gradual acceleration and breaking. Brake as late as possible but don’t floor it half way through a corner . Get the power on gently, any sideways driving or wheelspinning might look cool but it slows you down dramatically. Keep the back of the car under control and avoid wheelspin whenever possible. I could dictate the co-drivers comments. Competing for the prize was an awesome experience even if I only ended up 20th. I got a pretty good glimpse of the games depth but can you imagine how deep the competition winners went? I’ll answer for you – No – this game has depth that only hundreds of hours of play reveal.

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