Panzer Dragoon – Orta

XBox,Flight shoot-em-up,4/10December 2003

This game reminded me of “star fox” on the N64 but with considerably more complex controls and hugely stunning visuals. The graphics are why I got this game, I wanted to see what an XBox was capable of and the weird alien landscapes provide a good jaw dropping demonstration.

The game is a typical battle-your-way-to-the-boss-and then-find-the-bosses-weakness type of game but to avoid health reduction you need to understand a view things. Firstly you need to learn that you can boost backwards and forwards to circle around a boss so when his weapon faces you, you boost to a different side. Then your need to learn how to morph to the correct dragoon depending on whether you need speed, firepower or the lock-on ability. I can appreciate the depth the game has on it’s gendre but I didn’t find it very engaging. I managed to get to level 10 and kill the final 3 bosses but I didn’t follow the trippy storyline and I won’t play it again.

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