Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (J. K. Rowling)

Fantasy, 8/10 – June 2003

Voldemort is gaining strength and building an army but no one believes Harry about it except Dumbledore. The Ministry of Magic has made it their job to discredit them both, using the wizarding newspaper The Daily Prophet for slander. Dumbledore is avoiding Harry because Harry’s mind is linked in some way to Voldemort and Harry might accidentally give away the plans of the Order of the Phoenix.

I enjoyed there being a meaner teacher than Snape and Harry continues to suffer under Umbridge’s Oppression. Despite this, he gains in power and starts building an army of pupils called the DA. Even though Voldemort and his followers are obsessed with purity of wizard blood (i.e. racist), Voldemort is a half-blood himself (In the same way Adolf Hitler was allegedly part-Jewish).

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