Enter the Matrix

XBox,TPS,9/10June 2003

This game taught me the lesson that one shouldn’t take magazine reviews as gospel. My most respected mags, namely Edge and Games rated this game 3/10 and 4/10 respectively but I loved it.

The great thing about is that the story line fits perfectly between “The final flight of the osiris” and the “matrix reloaded” and exposes some great extra storyline to delve a lot deeper into the matrix world. Anyone who loves the matrix needs to complete this game to get the extra storyline which is really really juicy. The game itself is plagued by a few unintuitive puzzles and I thought the driving levels were poor until I worked out the controls to change the view and start gunning down cop cars. The controls seem quite confusing and in particular sniper mode is awkward, however there are moments when the hand-to-hand combat all comes together in a fluid frenzy so that when you finally come to a stand-still you realize there’s no-one left alive. The scenes are often too dark to see, but that may be a good thing since the graphics aren’t all that. Completing the game rewards you with a Matrix 3 trailer (well worth it!).

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