Baldur’s Gate : Dark Alliance

XBox,RPG,5/10June 2003

I got this because it was the first 2-player co-operative RPG for the XBOX that I’d seen. It’s not a deep game, it’s a simple hack and slash with very little inventory management or character progression and a shallow dis-joined storyline.

The graphics are state-of-the-art with vegetation blowing in the wind, rippling water and sparkling ice caverns. The choice of characters is the biggest let down, The choice between a retard, queer or tart wasn’t good enough for me. Multi-player co-operative mode is the games only redeeming feature, I like the way your forced to work together since the game-play isn’t split-screen. It did supply 12 hours of co-operative entertainment and was satisfying to finish, but I expected buckets more from a baldur’s Gate title.

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