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PC,RPG-Hack&Slash,10/10 – June 2002 Diablo I: This game was the first to introduce me to both character development and inventory management. Completing quests and killing enemies both increases experience and allows you plunder the spoils of your adventures to enable you to become more powerful and better equipped. But the game also manages to immerse […]

Dungeon Siege

PC,RPG,8/10 – June 2002 This game must have impacted my 4th year exams, it is one of those games that eats your time because it’s so playable. It’s fun to explore the rich fantasy world which is made gorgeous to look at by things such as large numbers of trees and ground-plants with convincing leaves, […]

My 4th year University Project (2002)

For my final year project I wrote a piece of software that I called VISSIM (Visual Traffic Simulator). It was a tool to try to model and visualise urban road traffic. I proposed the project myself because I was interested in the problems of congestion in London. Although I worked really hard on it and […]