My University Group Project (Summer Term 2001)

The Andipa Art Gallery Project

The project aimed to enable a virtual art gallery to be built, decorated and then browsed online. We built a floorplan designer than could be used to add rooms and doors to a virtual art gallery.

We build a tool for putting pictures on the gallery walls and to provide information about each picture.

We built a tool to publish the gallery onto the web and provided a web interface for visiters to navigate the gallery.

We wrote tools to visulise the gallery in 3D.

What I learnt from the project

  • I was a team leader for the first time and got a lot from it. I learnt that its time-consuming to co-ordinate people to produce an organised piece of software with the work-load evenly split.
  • I learnt how difficult a large piece of software becomes (in terms of bug fixing and maintaince).
  • I learnt how hard documentation is (but how neat Javadocs are).
  • I learnt Java programming including 2D programming using Swing, how to save and load in Java and how to update a database in Java.
  • I learnt how to put Java online including Java applets and how fidley they can be with securiy issues.

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