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Car Scratch (20/Sep/08)

I had a small scrape against a stealthed rock which I assumed the car hire company wouldn’t be too impressed with: They actually were very understanding and just told me “don’t worry about it” – I therefore rate Alamo very highly and will hire from them again if I get the chance. The funny thing […]

Brideshead Revisited (Evelyn Waugh)

Fiction, 6/10 – September 2008 The characters are bold and striking and interesting, especially Sebastian Flyte. I didn’t find the book to have a proper story in terms of a beginning, middle and end but perhaps it’s more accurate to say it has too much story. It covers faith, alcoholism, painting, the decline of English […]

In the Beginning… was the command line (Neal Stephenson)

Programming History, 7/10 – September 2008 This is basically a short diary of the thoughts of Neal Stephenson about Microsoft, Apple, Linux and user interfaces. Tech is a hard subject to write about in an interesting way but Neal can do it well and obviously has a rich history and deep understanding of technology – […]

Salmon fishing in the Yemen (Paul Torday)

Fiction, 2/10 – September 2008 This was a very British book, full of quirks and making fun of all of British society including government, politicians, British love life, TV interview programs and “belief in belief”. I found it boring and unfunny. I didn’t like the diary format or the unbelievable love story but I did […]