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Frustrated with Cook book Preparation times

I like food recipes to estimate how long it takes to prepare and cook a meal but so far I found that I can never do it as quick as it says. I’m sure they exaggerate their cooking times? Guess I’m just slow!

Xbox 360 – Oct/2007 (Christmas present from Kix)

Our original Xbox (4 ½ years old now) has become too flaky, games crash and DVDs skip. We needed a DVD player and it’d be a shame to lose all our games so buying a new XBox makes sense. Halo 3 took any doubt out of the decision. I do feel suckered into the slick […]

Perl Pie

“How do I change “pelican” to “pecan” in all the files in a directory?”. “Dude, use Perl Pie”! I’m pretty familiar with Perl, having used it on and off whenever there’s a string manipulation related job to be done. I like Perl despite all it’s faults. I like writing Perl (not so keen on reading […]