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Prince Caspian (C.S.Lewis)

Fantasy, 4/10 – January 2006 This is the forth out of the seven books that make up the chronicles of Narnia. I love how, in children’s books, so much can happen in so few pages. There was one part where the children got attacked by a bear but they shot it with an arrow and […]

Deception Point (Dan Brown)

Fiction, 7/10 – January 2006 This is 585 pages of fast paced action covering a political and scientific arena through the eyes of a American national security agent (who is rather cheesily, a stunning and mysterious female). The author has done his homework in order to include a lot of scientific information that holds the […]

Humax PVR9200T Digital hard-disk recorder – 1st Jan 2006 (£200 from John Lewis)

This is the king of current generation freeview box’s and a pretty good PVR. It has a 160 GB hard-disk with enough clout to record 2 channels simultaneously while playing back a previous recording. It finds and sets it’s clock automatically when it is powered up. It has a nice 7 day EPG that you […]