Yoshi: Touch&Go

DS,Puzzle,5/10June 2005

The control mechanism relies purely on the stylus and so demonstrates how quirky and different the DS is from other handhelds. It’s a fresh and original game (if-by-game-I-mean two mini games). The first game see’s baby Mario falling from the sky on the top screen and you have to draw a line of clouds on the bottom screen which, when he gets to them, will guide him down a safe path and earn maximum points. The second game involves you protecting Yoshi while he carries baby Mario home over wasp swarms, crevasses and mine fields etc.

One cool feature is that to dissipate any clouds that you have drawn you can blow into the microphone. YOU CAN LITTERALY BLOW CLOUDS AWAY! Another cool feature is that you can draw circles and, if they are circular enough, create bubbles to capture objects.
The game feels like a DS technology demo. It interested and assumed me but I wasn’t addicted.

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