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Kitchen prepared for plastering (April 2005)

Having gutted our kitchen and living with a just a microwave and fridge in the dining room, we got some electricians in to do a 1st fit of the new kitchen electrics. One of the walls was uneven and so we used battens and plasterboard to level it out. We also bought our new kitchen […]

VoIP is exciting technology (28th/April/2005)

I’m very excited about VoIP technology – It’s going to change the whole telephony business-model. There are a number of killer-apps for each element of technology, email is a killer-app (even my mum now uses it), Wi-Fi is an up and coming killer-app and I think that VoIP will become a killer-app. I don’t understand […]

Tory mud slingers (27th/April/2005)

I think politicians should argue about how to make things better rather than spend time slagging their opposition. The current Tory election campaign is disgusting because all they are doing is slinging mud at Tony Blair. I know politicians always point out the other parties mistakes but they have gone too far and I’m sick […]

Meters relocated

We got Southern Electric to move our electric meter from an annoying place in the sitting room out the way into the cellar. (04/Jan/2005) We did the same with Transco for our gas meter. (18/April/2005)

My Geek Code

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