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Nintendo DS – 20th Mar 2005 (Birthday present from Kix)

This has the power of the N64 in a portable form but with the quirk of two screens (DS). The touch screen is certainly interesting and I think the long battery life, zero loading time and backwards compatibility with the GBA makes it better than the Sony PSP. Playing Super Mario DS is certainly bringing […]

Cordless Headphones – 20th Mar 2005 (Birthday present from Grandpa)

These Philips HC 8520 wireless headphones are great. They are comfortable to wear and easy to use because they automatically tune into the signal. They are easy to charge up because the base station is also the charging station. The most impressive thing about them is the range that the signal can carry – I […]

Virtual Light (William Gibson)

Cyberpunk, 7/10 – Feb 2005 I was quite disappointed that “the Matrix” didn’t come into this book (and might not be in this trilogy at all) but it’s still got some interesting tech ideas. The story revolves around some stolen Virtual Reality glasses called ‘Virtual Light’ which directly feed the optic nerve with EMP to […]