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Squeezebox – 25th Dec 2004 (Christmas present from Kix)

This is the most awesome toy! It plays music and radio. It gets the radio from the internet and it gets the music from mp3’s stored on a PC. It is called a “Digital Media Adaptor”. It streams files over our Wi-Fi network. All you need to do is to run Squeezebox software which acts […]

Wi-Fi Access Point – 25th Dec 2004 (Christmas present from Kix)

Kix gave me this Linksys Wi-Fi access point for Christmas. We use it to connect our Squeezebox to our network without needing to trail Ethernet cable all over the house.

L.E.D Binary Clock – December 2004 (Christmas present to Kix)

This clock may take a few seconds to read but it’s worth the effort for the interesting factor. It’s a bit easier to read than if the entire time was coded into binary. Instead, each decimal digit is encoded separately:

Kitchen wall demolished (12/Dec/2004)

The previous owner has a partition wall due to old regulations about a bathroom not being allowed to directly lead onto a kitchen. We decided the kitchen would feel a lot bigger without the wall: Before: After: We also got to work on renovating the kitchen. We removed the old kitchen units and then the […]