Advance Wars 2

GBA,Turn-based strategy,9/10March 2004

This is a tweeked version of Advanced Wars 1 with the introduction of interesting defensive buildings such as canons, missles and lasers. There is also the new NeoTank which expains why the strong tanks of AW1 were only called “Medium” Tanks.

The game is set at a perfect level of difficulty even though the setting is fixed (meaning I don’t have to feel like a wuss for setting it on “easy”). I must admit finding the tips you get when you are defeated quite helpful (I sometimes purposly yield just to get the tips). The enemy AI is well balanced so you get the rewarding feeling that your outsmarting it (but I get the impression it could kick my arse if it really tried). There’s quite a few times in the game where you get overwhelmed but manage to win the battle by sneeking round the back and destroying the objective. One variable which helps give the game flexiblity is the CO powers allowing for different tactics to try out. Great game.

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