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32 Mb USB Memory Watch – 20th March 2004, birthday present from Kix

Contains 32MB of Toshiba flash memory USB cable securely integrated in to the watch strap Water resistant, Shock proof and Anti-static Oh, I don’t have a floppy with me… hang on I’ve got 30 floppies permanently on my wrist! I think it is amazing cool to carry around a backup of my most precious files […]

Birdsong (Sebastian Faulks)

War time Fiction, 8/10 – Jan-Feb 2004 The book starts before the war in Amiens, in 1910, when Stephen Wraysford has an intense love affair with a married woman that comes to an unsatisfactory end. The novel then shifts in time to 1916, when we encounter Stephen enduring the nightmare world of the trenches. The […]