Jet Set Radio Future

XBox,Adventure,7/10November 2003

This is an excellent game but I nearly didn’t complete it because it’s often really unclear what the-next-thing-to-do is. It’s not so much the doing, it’s more the figuring out how to do it in the first place (which really cheeses me off). You need to learn levels to get around quickly – it’s often a mission to get from A to B but the beautiful cel-shaded scenery is very cool.

Cool is the right word for a lot of the game, all the characters dance constantly and the dance music keeps you going through the night. My favourite level is “Kibogaoka Hill” – I love grinding power cables over a sprawing shanty town. I completed the game in around 20 hours but get the feeling I’ve left a lot of stones unturned. I never understood the trick mecanism and didn’t get all the characters, graffiti souls, tags or speed runs – I just didn’t need to, it’s not Tony Hawks, it’s a speedy adventure game.

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