The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers

XBox,Hack&Slash,5/10September 2003

This game takes scenes from the 1st two LOTR’s films and turns them into interactive battles. Each scene blends with DVD film footage smoothly and impressively. I think they did a great job of doing what they intended i.e. creating a film/video game couple however I didn’t like it at all.

Without having seen the two films I’m sure you’d have no idea what’s going on. I view it as lazy game design, i.e. there is no design, they just took a bunch of interesting scenes and converted them into a bunch of levels where you battle your way to the boss, find it’s weakness and beat it. There’s no lull in the action, you finish a scene and save the game and then go straight into the next scene. I’m wondering why I don’t like the constant action. I think it’s because it’s too linear, there’s no chance to explore the scenery, no options, no build-up and it’s all too rushed. Without time and freedom the game doesn’t add to the LOTR’s world and so is disappointing even though the technology of the programming is of a high standard.

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