“Cassandra”. 26th June 2002 – 1st March 2004

I mistakenly bought Cassandra with a serious problem that I didn’t spot in the test drive. She couldn’t carry passengers without bottoming out and making horrible scraping noises. Throughout the 2 years I owned her, she became less and less reliable. She started not starting and cutting out mid-journey. She met her end in a murder by vandals who broke in and smashed her up.
  • I was Cassandra’s 2nd owner. She was born in January 1994, 5 doors, 1.2 Engine, L216GYX.
  • No luxuries like power steering or electric windows.
  • 55000 miles when I got her. 76230 miles at death. Did 21000 miles in her.
  • Bought her for £1700. Got £1160 from insurance at death.
  • 1st years Insurance = £668, 2nd years insurance = £631.

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