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Nintendo Gameboy Advance – 2001, Christmas present from Grandpa

The Gameboy Advance is a marvellous little toy from Nintendo, housing a 32-bit RISC CPU and an 8-bit CISC CPU which gives me the capability to re-play all the NES games I grew up with in addition to excellent new ones such as “Tony Hawks Pro Skater” and “Advance Wars”. I modded my GBA using […]

Backwards Clock – 2001, Christmas present from Kix

All three hands travel anti-clockwise, and the layout of the numerals is somewhat unconventional. Whenever this clock is in a promenent place in the house I get so used to reading it that normal clocks confuse me instead.

My own www Domain – Christmas present from my Aunt

My Aunt gave me the “” domain for Christmas. There is actually another “tom fotherby” so I’m glad I got the domain early before personal homepages and blogs took off.