My own PC – 2001, 21st birthday present from Dad

This was my very first computer. She was so top of the range and expensive (£1700) that I felt slightly inferior when I first sat down in front of her. I chose her myself and although, as a student I was moving places quite frequently, I got a 21 inch monitor that weights a tonne but looked totally gorgeous.

Her birth stats: 1400 MHz Pentium 4 processor. 128 MB of RAM. 32MB NVidia GeForce2 MX 200 Graphics card. 20 GB hard disk. Zip Drive. 21 inch monitor.

Upgrade 1: Network card.
Upgrade 2: CD-burner, 512MB of RAM, 60 GB hard disk.
Upgrade 3: DVD-burner, 200 GB hard disk, Freeview TV card.

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