Fresher year relationship web

My group of 1st year friends was a little incestuous. Me, Tam and Yue-sun were sharing a room but Al moved in when Tam left Uni because he had just got engaged to my X (Sarah) after she swapped boyfriends with Fran who had been going out with the guy who Sarah originally dumped me for (Zak). A diagram might help explain 🙂

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  1. Side Salad

    I am surprised that anyone would draw a diagram over an incident that obviously happened many years ago.

    I like the colours you have used; they hid your anger and upset well.

    There is a sense of order to your diagram, boxes and lines – I suspect you use this to disguise the inner turmoil and the unrest you feel.

    Do you feel in life when the wife gets old and the mortgage payments go up that you may hunt down some of these people in the diagram and exact a revenge for causing you this deep seated pain.

    Psychology is a wonderful invention and you may find the lure of the leather couch and a hefty hourly bill will go some way to dispel your need for diagrams of things that happened long ago.

    You could write a book using the blood of a goat or the people in the diagram should you choose to hunt them down.


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