You just have to admire the sheer dedication it takes just to perfect a 2 second cyclic movement:

I rowed all through school and also in my second year at uni in the IC boat novice squad.

I got my 2K time down to 6.36 by training 9 or 10 sessions a week, early mornings, evenings and weekends. We came first in the novice division in the 1999 Thames Head of the River (which sort of made us the best Novice eight in the country for that winter). We raced Oxford in an international regatta in Italy and raced in Henley Royal Regatta as the IC 2nd eight.

We were voted best sports team of the year by our student newspaper Felix.

The First Novice Eight in Action (I’m stroking)

Here we are competing against Abingdon School in the Temple Challenge Cup at Henley (I’m 2 man).

Picture taken on the Henley jetty

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