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Duke Nukem 3D

PC,1st-Person shooter,9/10 I jumped from Doom to this and was blown away especially because it was my first introduction to FPS serial linked game play. The action was so fast, running, jumping and flying were all new to me. My favourite plan was piling up load of pipe bombs and then setting up a holoduke […]

Keyboard Mod (1998)

I painted a keyboard as part of an art piece for art A-level. I used acrylic paints and varnish and decorated each key individually: When My art course was finished I used the keyboard for touch-typing practice.

The Rubix Cube

At one point I used to be able to use these codes to do the rubix cube in 2 minutes. In the 1st year at uni we had three cubes and used to race each other. Layer 1, No codes needed, just do it! Layer 2, Have finished layer on the bottom. This moves top-middle […]

My brother with green hair (9th/July/1999)

Once, My brother Edd came home from school with green hair:

Portable miniDisk player – 2000 Christmas present from Dad

MD is better than CD for portability and this is small and top of the range. Bad points are that it doesn’t have a radio and I’ve found that the battery doesn’t last very long any more (luckily it comes with a clip on external battery pack).

Fyrefli Fire Diabolo – Summer 1999

I knew my juggling hobby had got serious when I bought a fire diabolo. You have to use special Kevlar string and you can’t drop a fire diabolo because the hot metal bends easily so that it won’t spin straight. The wicks don’t burn for too long – I was a little disappointed.

Mister Babache Harlequins – Winter 1998

After travelling round Europe seeing street performers and starting to learn to juggle with my friend Rodrigo, I joined the university juggling club and decided to specialise in the diabolo. These harlequin diabolo’s have kept me occupied for hundreds of hours. Diabolo of choice: Two Heavy duty Mister Babache Harlequins. Robust rubber cups, 335 grams […]

Swimming Pool – Autumn 1998

Dad started building our indoor swimming pool when I was 17 and it’s beautiful. During school and Uni holidays I used to finish every evening by doing some exercises and then putting on some music and just floating around the pool. I also had fun with my brothers playing “Marco-Polo” in the dark, climbing onto […]

14 foot Trampoline – 1996

I’ve certainly spent more time lying on the trampoline gazing up at the clouds thinking about my life than bouncing on it – It’s a comfortable place to lie. I used to try to learn tricks but never had the guts to do a backwards somersault. We invented games like trying to keep a tennis […]

BloodBowl – 1994

Bloodbowl is an awesome game of probability, tactics and cunning defence. It’s a cross between chaotic chess and fantasy football. I started playing in the evenings at school when I was 14. We had a busy league. 10 years later, in an attempt to spend more time with my brother, we started playing at the […]

Hammer Paintball Gun – 1993

I used to play paintball in the woods with a group of friends. We all had our own guns, masks and camoflage gear. It was brilliant fun!

Man O’ War – 1993

Man o’ war was Warhammer on the sea. The rules were better defined than Warhammer and the playing time was shorter. Each ship had a card that described the areas of the ship and when it got damaged by enemy cannons, you’d put damage counters on the card. It was a fun game but unfortunately […]

Warhammer – 1990-1993

I played Warhammer between the ages of 10-13. I collected an Orc and Goblin army. I used to pore over information sheets, spell lists, data cards, range tables, in order to draft army lists. I read warhammer stories, collected dice, painted figures. I was totally nuts about it. My dad made me a Warhammer gaming […]

Gameboy – 1992 (birthday present from grandpa)

This really was an exciting birthday present. I used to play it so much that I could still hear the music in my head after I switched it off! You weren’t able to save the progress in games so they were all brilliant pick-up-and-play fast-paced action. I used to be able to clock Mario within […]

Crossbows and Catapults – Pre Ten years old

As a child “Crossbows and Catapults was a firm favourite. The aim of the game was to land a counter of your colour onto the treasure mat of the enemy. You’d have a set of bricks with which to try to protect your own treasure and a set of attack weapons (a crossbow and a […]