The Rubix Cube

pic of rubix cube

At one point I used to be able to use these codes to do the rubix cube in 2 minutes. In the 1st year at uni we had three cubes and used to race each other.

  • Layer 1, No codes needed, just do it!
  • Layer 2, Have finished layer on the bottom. This moves top-middle to middle-left:
    • FU2RU’R’U2F’ or if the colours match on the front face do U’FU2RUR’U2F’
  • Layer 3, Have finished layer on the bottom. We only worry about positions first, then once every cube is in the correct position we worry about the orientation.
    • Corner Positions:
      • Corners Clockwise (FR stays put): L’URU’ LUR’U’ (outside, last)
      • Corners Anti-Clockwise (FR stays put): URU’L’ UR’U’L (Last, inside)
      • Back Corners swapped: FU’B’U F’U’BU2 (inside, first, last2)
      • Front left to back right: UFUR U’R’F’
    • Middle Positions
      • Middles Clockwise (R stays put): L2UF’BL2F B’UL2 (lufbourgh football)
      • Middles anti-clockwise (R stays put): L2U’F’ BL2F B’U’L2
      • Middles opposite Swap (Swaps F with B and L with R): R2L2 D R2L2 U2 R2L2 D R2L2
      • Middles adjacent Swap (Swaps L with F and R with B): R BU B’U’R2 F’U’ FUR
    • Corners Orientation:
      • Twist front-right corner clockwise: R’DRFDF’, move the corner that’ll be twisted anti-clockwise into the front-right position, FD’F’R’D’R
    • Middle Orientation:
      • Flip front-middle with right-middle: FUD’L2U2D2 R, change top so other is on the right: R’D2U2L2 DU’F’

F = Front face, R = right side, L = left side, B = Back face, U = top side, D = bottom face. 2 = turn twice. Turn clockwise unless red’ in which case turn anti-clockwise.

To make my favorite snake pattern, from a completed cube, do:

  • L U B’ U’ R L’ B R’ F B’ D R D’ F’

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  1. James Fotherby

    wow. thanks tom for the snake. really awesome!!!!!!

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