A strange passage

Have you ever tried to prove your insanity? Write something that maybe could be meaningful but when it comes down to it blatantly isn’t (like what fridge magnet poetry always ends up as). This is a strange passage Gervase George and me made (when I was 17 ish), I like to think of it as poetry:

“My brain is lacking decisiveness. I’ll have to get some miners and bulldozers to come and give a road for thoughts, because at the moment they are getting stuck in the little synaptic gaps. I need to have clarity you know? I like sense otherwise it is like my horse is a teaspoon. Sugar coats my armour. Lots of little squirrels come and lick it so that I can’t fight seriously, all the other knights laugh their heads off. Either way I win because a headless knight is pretty dark. Nevermind. the mainframe was mystified by the smouldering lemons at the edge of a confronted destiny but that didn’t change the zebra’s coat and as cows and flies burn up the sun, messages change the world and its painful tongue just like the fork that has left the truck or the packed out train that’s filled with no one… clouds lift and silver linings form. Make a dream fall into a carpet of love and the golden dust that rises is the rain that will fall when she says “i love you”. Then the year of the dolphin will shine in the sea, like the moment Excalibur is pulled from the stone. Like the humble glory of the red sky at night or the pale green moon shinning dusk into bright till on mount ‘Pleasant Street’ and, at number 44, the seat has been filled by a cross filled circle, no more. Only then will time have time to admit that in my life and yours: Situation predicts.”

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