Piri Piri Stir-Fry Veg Beef

Source: Weightwatchers “Spicy and speedy” (p5), Takes: 15 mins, Rating: 6/10

piripiristirfryvegbeef This is quick to make because you use a ready prepared stir-fry veg pack and quorn pieces are quicker to cook that real beef. The chilli is the important ingredient, without them it would be really bland. I prefer it with noodles rather than rice. Excellent weight loss food.

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  1. Give Me Steaks.com

    Tom, I would love to try this. What kind of beef do you use? Also, the piri piri, what chilis do you recommend? It looks delicious and I have a recipe in an ethnic cookbook. Unfortunately, i cannot find it.

    Enjoy your blog very much.

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