Gears of War 2

XBox360,3rdPS,7/10December 2008

gears2 I played the game in co-operative mode with Kix – we did have fun but the verdict is: Not even as good as Halo 1.

The best new feature of the game was “Crawl Mode” – When you “die”, you don’t die you hit the ground and get a few seconds to crawl over to your buddy who can heal you. It leads to great “help help, I’m down” shouting where your partner has to stop and help. It’s also good that the enemy does the same so you can kill someone and watch them crawl for help and either sadistically shoot them again or watch another enemy run over and try and help.

gears2 headshot
Of course, this doesn’t happen if you kill them with a head shot – Head shots result in a head explosion and a fountain of blood globules from the void in the neck. This is as gruesome as I’ve ever seen in a game – hence the “18” rating.

I also found the cover system quite interesting – I liked how it was a bit truer to life but found it meant I was always camped out behind a wall peering out except to re-load which slowed down the action a little. The story was useless, the vehicle levels were generally terrible, the grenades are pretty boring and the bosses were all frustrating – Especially the lake monster. The last boss was not frustrating – he was the easiest boss EVER. He seemed to die in one shot.

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