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T-Mobile Ameo – 20/May/2007

Until now, I have never bought a mobile phone because my Criteria for buying one was pretty damn strict. But, finally (after waiting pretty much 5 years) one that meets most of my requirements was on sale and as soon as I had a chance to test it out for real I bagged it (there […]

The Bedroom is Finished at Last (May 2007)

We painted and resized 2 bedroom doors, changed the handles and mounted some hooks. We put up a curtain rail, chose and hung some curtains. We Bought a bedroom Hi-Fi which has an alarm clock and we got a dressing table chair. So apart from some art work on the walls, the bedroom is finished […]

Finished Kitchen (May 2007)

I finally got round to fitting a boiler cupboard door in the kitchen and doing the last of the skirting and architrave. I’ve wanted to do this ever since we moved… a before and after pic: Before After Removing the partition wall was definitely a good decision as it made the room a little bigger.

Pure Legato II – 7/May/2007

Our bedroom needed a Hi-Fi with a nice DAB radio with sleep and alarm functions. This also takes a memory card so it can play mp3’s and record radio. We chose this model because we thought it’d match our Squeezebox nicely.