300GB NAS Hard Drive – 8th July 2006 (Ebay purchase, £120)

Backups are important, my files are worth a lot of money to me so we decided to invest in a piece of hardware to help with backing up our data. Rather than just getting an external hard disk we wanted a networked hard disk (NAS) so Kix and me could share it independent of which computer is switched on and what OS we are running. We call it our “bit bucket”.

This is a Hard disk enclosure, in which you can install in any normal spare hard disk that’s lying around (we have quite a few lying around!). It’s made by “SumVision” (3.5 inch Sumvision IDE to Nas/USB HDD Encloser).

Although it fits the job, I am disappointed with it because it is much too slow and noisy.

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