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Nintendo GameCube – 28th December 2003, birthday present to Kix

I feel a loyalty towards Nintendo since it was part my childhood diet and the gameCube seems to be in trouble so I decided I would rescue Nintendo by getting a gameCube for Kix’s birthday. I know she’ll like Zelda and I don’t feel like a proper gamer unless I can criticise Mario Kart Double […]

Freeview – December 2003, Christmas present from Mum

It was easy to setup and gave vastly improved reception. We don’t watch many of the extra channels except the music ones (TMF and the Hits) and ITV2. We sometimes have a laugh at the shopping channels.

Jet Set Radio Future

XBox,Adventure,7/10 – November 2003 This is an excellent game but I nearly didn’t complete it because it’s often really unclear what the-next-thing-to-do is. It’s not so much the doing, it’s more the figuring out how to do it in the first place (which really cheeses me off). You need to learn levels to get around […]