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Sony Digital Camera (DSC-S70) (was dads but mum doesn’t know how to use it)

Digital photo albums cannot compete with the magic of a normal album in your bookshelf but they can save money and are good if you want to put photos on a website. This is a 3.3 Megapixel camera but the big problem with it is that there’s a massive delay between pressing the button and […]

Polar Heart Rate monitor – 20th March 2003, birthday present from Mum

Normally shows the time but can show my heart rate if I wear the special belt. I use it to exercise in a zone that is not too high or low (120-140). It’s really helpful.

Microsoft XBox – 20th March 2003, birthday present from Kix

This big fat American beast is my first ever console and DVD player. The higher hardware spec, internal hard disk and promise of XBox live is why I chose to get this instead of the competition from Nintendo and Sony.

Broadband Internet – March 2003

We got ADSL broadband at 512k and at the same time we got a proper computer network. Broadband not only allows us to surf on two computers at the same time but because it’s “always on”, it allowed me to run this website from home for free!