What is FothoFax?

I used to have a Filofax which had all the telephone numbers of my friends and family as well as the calendar for the current year where I could make notes of things going on (birthdays, bank holidays, leave from work, etc). But then I left my Filofax on the train - FothoFax tries to be an online replacement for my old Filofax.

The latest version is: Fothofax 0.41. Also, I occasionally blog about fothofax.


12/Oct/09 - There is a jquery weekly calendar plugin: http://code.google.com/p/jquery-week-calendar/

18/Jul/09 - David Walsh published a php calendar which is a lot prettier than Fothofax but similar in terms of code implementation. He has documented it in his blog: http://davidwalsh.name/php-calendar

30/Jun/09 - Google has recently added a birthday field in Google Contacts. To see birthdays in Google Calendar, go to the Settings page, select the Calendars tab and click on "Browse interesting calendars", select the More tab, then add the calendar called "Contacts' birthdays and events".

20/Oct/08 - Released Fothofax version 0.41. I went on a long holiday and it inspired me to add events than can span multiple days or months. I also added background colours for the days and made editing a full screen affair.

27/May/07 - Released Fothofax version 0.4. I came across a really simple wiki called Pawfaliki and it inspired me to update fothofax so that you can edit the AddressBook directly.

04/May/06 - Released Fothofax version 0.31. Since I didn't want to miss the oppertunity of seeing 01:02:03 04/05/06 I have stayed up late and released an improved version of FothoFax. This version adds anniversay reminders.

20/Apr/06 - Google have released the API to their calendar. I expect some interesting mash ups will soon crop up. I'm hoping it's possible to now put a small footprint google calendar inside another webpage similar to Fothofax.

16/Apr/06 - Google have finally released their calendar and it's pretty good. Is this the end for Fothofax? Well, yes there's no point working on something that's never going to be as good as something already better and free. The google calendar still doesn't do birthday reminders though and it also takes up the whole page. Fothofax might still be useful to me for a couple more months.

07/Apr/06 - Kiko launched a new version today. There's quite a few really nice Ajax calendars out there, e.g. spongecell, Trumba, Yahoo! calendar, and 30boxes. Fothofax isn't competing on the same level because it isn't supposed to be a stand alone calendar, it is trying to be a simple calendar you embedd into any old webpage.

01/Feb/06 - Released Fothofax version 0.3. Added event reminders.

01/Dec/05 - Released Fothofax version 0.25. Added remembrance reminders.

01/Nov/05 - Released Fothofax version 0.2. Added birthday reminders.

01/Oct/05 - Released Fothofax version 0.1. This is the bare-bones structure of the calendar which will be slowly built apon.